Friday, March 1, 2013

Tip of the Week

If you know my husband and I you know we are in love with our Cocker Spaniels, Maggie and Stewie.


Whats not to love? Aren't they cute?

While we love our dogs we don't want our house smelling like, well a dog.  I am allergic to strong perfumes so air fresheners were out of the question to help keep our house from smelling like the dogs. In looking for something that would clean the air but yet not put a fake smell into the air I came across this great product.

Nature's Air Sponge!  This stuff is awesome at cleaning your air. Each tub cleans about 300 sq ft.  It works to absorb any strange smells and gets them out of the air. I have one hidden on top of our kitchen cabinets, with our cabinet molding you wouldn't know it was up there.  I also hidden one it the room where we keep the dogs at night, you would never know they were in there but for their crates.  I also keep one in our closets to help with my husband's smelly shoes but you wouldn't know that now if you walked in there. 

Once the product dries up completely I throw the curled up remnants into my vacuum to help keep smells at bay when I vacuum.   Its a great way to get extra life out of our air sponge.  We get ours at either Whole Foods or Amazon.  They are around $5-7 depending on where you find them or if they are on sale, but well worth the money.  Mine usually lasts about a month or more it depends.  If you want your house smelling great you have to pick one of these little tubs up!

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