Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Model Home Inspiration...Pottery Barn Knock Off

To me there is nothing better then spending a Saturday afternoon at a model home. 

I could spend hours touring model homes getting ideas and dreaming about future homes.  I have been know to snap a few photos from time to time so I can use them later as inspiration.   I actually have a file saved on my computer of pictures that I have taken of models that I love.

While looking to buy our townhouse in Va I came across a model home that I fell in love with.  One of our local builders, Van Metre uses Pottery Barn Design Services on some of their models.  Pottery Barn will send local designers into their models to decorate them, they are completely done with everything you could think of from Pottery Barn.  If you ever get a chance to tour one you are lucky!!!  These model homes are absolutely stunning!!

My favorite happens to be the Astoria Model in Stone Ridge, VA, this is my dream home if Pottery Barn could come and do my home top to bottom.  Below are a few of the photos from the model that I got from the Builder's Web Site. 

I have the same Sienna Bedding, after seeing it here I had to buy it.  I love it.

There is a great collage of clocks behind the couch.

The did a great job of mixing different textures in the master. 

One of my favorite ideas from this model is the kitchen table in a dark stain and the blue painted chairs.  I love the mix of casual and formal.   The painted chairs and the stained table the complement each other and you get a good mix of painted furniture without going overboard.

You can see the table and chairs in the back ground.

I have been dreaming of the table and chairs for months, my husband is so tired of hearing me talk about them that we decided to go buy the set.  We went to the store and they have discontinued their Queen Ann Chairs, oh no!!  Not only were the chairs discontinued but so was the table.  While looking at a similar table that was $800 I got an idea why don't we buy a knock off table and buy some chairs that I could paint in a similar color? 

Let the craigslist searching begin!!  I am proud to report that I have found my table for $120 (it came with 5 chairs that I will be selling because they don't work) and I found knock off chairs for $20 (for all 4, steal of a deal).  Now I just need to restain the table and paint the chairs to achieve my knock off look.  Stay tuned for my update with the finished project, after a year of drooling I can't wait to get this project done.


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