Friday, September 13, 2013

Portable Back Drop Stand

A few weeks back I received a portable photo back drop from The LA Shop
It was such a good deal at $69 for an 8" by 10" backdrop stand.  I recently had a baby and like all new parents I have been taking a million photos of our little one. We have also been taking her to get photos done at JcPennys but some times she is not in a good mood or we can't get there, so having an option of doing photos at our house was so appealing.  Plus I would save a ton of money doing all the photos myself.
When I opened the box I knew I would be in love.  The back drop came in this great black canvas bag, perfect for storing it.  Each piece had its own place in the bag, and the bag zipped up into a great size to fit in the coat closet. 
I will admit it took a while to put it together because it didn't come with instructions, so I waited for my hubby to come home and put it together.  Once we did I was so glad we had it.  I immediately went out to the store and bought a black sheet to use as my first back drop.  I went with a black because its basic.  I purchased a sheet because it was cheaper than buying fabric from a fabric store.  Since she is only 3 months old I also got a bean bag chair from Target for her to sit in.  Without a bean bag you will need something else for a little baby to sit in like a suitcase, flower pot basket, or something like that. 
The model I got was 8" by 10", which is perfect for taking pictures of our lo.  There are bigger sizes available if you are looking for something bigger.  Its also big enough to take photos of family with the baby when they come over.  I can't wait to start buying more material to use as a back drop.  I think the next back ground will be pink tulle.  I also just picked up a great old suit case that I am waiting to take her photo in for her 4 month photos in 2 weeks.  I can't wait!!! 
I love how this backdrop stand helps me take great photos and allows me to be creative in a whole new way.  The LA Shop not only sells this amazing portable backdrop stand but they have other great items such as a mini popcorn machine, LED lights, digital safes, and much much more.  You really need to check out their site!!


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