Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Weeks To An Organized Home...Kitchen Junk Drawer

Happy Thursday everyone!!  With the baby on a good sleeping schedule, I decided that I can finally tackle all those things I have been wanting to do for months.  These 3 hours in the afternoon are magic!  I don't know about you but we have a few areas in our home that could use some attention.  Do you have closets or drawers that you just throw things into?  We do!  I call it we will get to it later areas.  Well I finally decided to tackle these areas while on maternity leave and blog about my progress.  Hopefully I will inspire you to tackle your most challenging areas.

For my first week I decided to tackle the dreaded kitchen junk drawer.  We all have a junk drawer but why does the kitchen catch all drawer have to be a disorganized mess? From this day forward I don't want my junk drawer to be disorganized.  

Let the organizing begin.  This is our before picture.  What a mess I could hardly open the drawer. 

 Still Digging.  Boy there is a lot of stuff in the drawer.

 Once I pulled everything out I had to determine what belongs here and what doesn't.  When we bought our house the builder had put all the warranty paperwork in this drawer for us which was handy but why am I still keeping it in the kitchen?  I decided that I needed to put the warranty paperwork in my office with all our other warranties.  

Next I had to clean out any trash or expired coupons.  I put all the medicine with all my other meds (stay tuned for my organizing medicine post).   I was surprised to find so many tools in the drawer that don't need to be in the kitchen.  Crazy.  Those immediately went to the garage where they belong.

Finally made it to the bottom. 

After a little cleaning it was time to put everything back.  On a side note I love this kitchen cleaner and the radish smell is awesome in the kitchen. 

After looking thru everything in the drawer I decided that this drawer should only have the hot pads, trivets, dish towels, dish cloths and a few odds and ends.  I got a little basket to hold a lighter, pens and the garbag disposal tool ( I didn't feel we needed anything else).  While cleaning I decided we needed a few new kitchen towels. I threw out some really old ones and stained ones.  I went to Target and bought some great towels by their new brand called Threshold (the first 2 towels on the right are them), while at Home Goods I saw the other towels and bought those as well.  A girl can never have to many towels.  After about 10 minutes I was done, why didn't I do this sooner.  

Boy it looks good.  When I met my husband he used to roll everything (he learned that in basic training) I used to think it was silly but he is right it saves so much room.  I never would have gotten as much stuff in the drawer without rolling the towels.  So what do you think?  Much better than what I started with.  I can find stuff now it amazing!!  Now your turn I want to hear about your kitchen junk drawer. 

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