Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bathroom Organization Tip

Have you ever been digging through a bathroom drawer looking for something in the morning rush, but can't find it.  That is the story of my life every morning.  I usually can't find things in my bathroom drawers and I waste time every morning looking for things, which sometimes causes me to be late. :(

Well I decided that for the first time ever I am going to organize my drawers so that everything has a place, so I won't be in such a hurry in the mornings.  I want to stop and enjoy my mornings. Plus I generally buy extras of products and make up because I can't find what I am looking for or forget I have something.  Which is not a good habit plus it is a waste of money.

With moving into a new home and being able to start over I decided to dump out my drawers and go buy some organizers.  Why haven't I found these great little things before?  I went to target (they had a better selection than Walmart) and bought some great plastic drawer organizers and a few baskets.  I went with plastic so I could clean them out regularly.  I use mineral make up and it tends to get all over the place from time to time, so the plastic is key for me.  But regular baskets would work as well.

This is what my drawers looked like before my shopping trip, be cautious its scary and embarassing. 

I have tons of eye shadows so I picked out a organizer with a few medium sized spaces.  I also needed two longer organizers for brushes and eye make up (mascara and eye liner pencils).  I settled on one clear organizer from target with 3 spaces for $6.99 and these two plastic white baskets for $1.27 (for both of them) from Walmart.  My total was under $10 for this drawer, not bad to gain my morning back.  

Here is the before again.  YIKES!!
Here is my make up drawer after picture.

Isn't it pretty.  Love it!!  

Next is my hair brush and accessory drawer.  I pulled out all my jewelery and hung it on the wall in my closet, as I have previously showed you.  I also put my headbands and  hair accessories in a little brown travel bag so I can easily throw them in my suit case (I rarely use them but on trips when I need to do my hair fast).  Next was a organizer that had room for my brushes and a few little things.  I bought a plastic organizer from Target for $8.99 which worked perfectly.  I also needed something for my contacts and their accessories.  I picked up these great little white baskets again at Walmart, you can't beat the price $1.27 for three.  I gave two to my husband for his bathroom stuff and kept one for my contacts.  Again I organized this drawer for under $10.

Here is really bad before.

And the pretty after. 

I don't know about you but it is so nice to have organized spaces, and when everything has a place I find that my belongs tend to stay organized.  So get out there and tackle your messy drawers, who knew that less than $20 would bring me so much happiness and save my mornings.

Next is under the bathroom sink.  :)

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  1. I love a newly organized drawer -- enjoy yours!!!! You'll have "under your sink" running and hiding!