Friday, January 25, 2013

First Stages of Our Nursery

Now that we have found out we are having a baby girl in May let the planning begin!  For the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out what to do in our little girl's nursery.  The internet is full of great ideas.  Oh where to start? 

First step was to pick out the room to use.  We have 3 extra bedrooms to pick from.  I picked one of the upstairs rooms with the least amount of windows, our front extra bedrooms cook in the summer so the least amount of windows was key. One of the rooms has one big window.  The other upstairs room has 2 small windows on one wall and another smaller window on another wall leaving no wall space when you factor in the closet. 

This is the basic layout that I came out with.  Now to find the pieces for the layout along with extras. 
Now that I have have figured out the space to play with and a basic layout, let the fun begin.  With most of our family located in other states and wanting to help with the nursery I was trying to figure out a way to share the experience.  I had been ripping out pages of things I liked and saving websites that I loved.  Then I remembered that I friend of mine had been using Pinterest for her wedding to create a board to share, so I created a Pinterest Board.  If you have not heard of Pinterest you need to log on and see what the fun is about.  I love the idea of creating boards to collect all your favorite images from the web or your personal collections.  The creator of this site is a genius in my eyes.  

After many hours going over tons of photos on and off Pinterest, did I say tons of photos?  I think I have found my dream nursery ideas.  Here is a link to my board. 

The nursery room is 10.5 ft by 10.5 ft. so finding the right paint color was key.  The room has one window and the room is fairly small so going with a lighter color is mandatory.  Of course I wanted pink, but the right shade of pink.  I didn't want pepto bismol pink nor bright barbie pink.  I think I have found the perfect pink balance.  I am in love with Sherwin Williams SW 6315 White Dogwood.

Paint Color SW 6315 White Dogwood from Sherwin-Williams

I love this color it's a great pale pink.  This color is part of the enchant collection for babies, if looking for a great pallet for a little girls room check out this and their other collections. 

Is this not a very pretty nursery? 


I love the striped accent wall.  My first option for behind the crib is to do the stripes.  Sherwin Williams even put how to instructions on their site to recreate this exact room.  

Or do I paint the wall behind the crib Sherwin Williams Lotus Flower SW 6310 in flat with Lotus Flower 6 inch stripes in high gloss?

Paint Color SW 6310 Lotus Flower from Sherwin-Williams

Then do a tree similar to this one in white?

Tree but in white.

See what I mean too much to pick from? Oh what to do?  I am sure I will pick one option soon.  What do you think?  What is your favorite option?

While my husband and I try to figure out the final wall design behind the crib lets move on to the crib and furniture for the nursery. 

We purchased this Baby Appleseed Davenport Crib and Dresser with Hutch in White from Buy Buy Baby.  

Don't you love the lines of this crib?
Sorry the pic is bad but it was hard to find a picture of the dresser and hutch.  We ordered ours in white to match the dresser. 
Have you heard of Buy Buy Baby?  Its owned by Bed Bath and Beyond, its a great one stop shop.  Plus you can use Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons there!  Love that.  We used ours for all the furniture, which was a huge savings. 

For the glider, I wanted to stay in the white family.  We went with Danielle Deluxe rocker from Target in white.  I think it will match the rest of the furniture once it all arrives. 

Paint, check.  Furniture, check. Now on to the bedding. Oh no, this is going to be hard. 

After many purchases, returns, and tons of store shopping trips I finally picked out My Baby Sam Pink Splash (I think).  I really wanted a paisley, stripe and polka dot bedding to give me tons of patterns to play with.  This bedding also has great colors to help pull in a variety of accessories.  

My Baby Sam Pink Paisley Splash

 The bedding is a little brighter than I thought it would be but with the pale pink walls and white furniture I think it will be a nice pop of color. 

Now to my favorite part, every little girl needs a chandelier in their room. Right!?!?  It is a must for my little girl.  A few years back I saw an episode of Candice Olson where she did a 1 year old's room.  I loved the idea of using Alice and Wonderland words swirling around a chandelier capped off with a medallion. 

Is this not gorgeous?  Well knowing that I am pregnant and ladders are a big no, no plus, my husband is not dreaming of a big project like this I decided to find something else to give the same effect.  While searching on Pinterest I found this great substitution.  


I can't wait to show you how I am going to recreate this great chandelier.  Stay tuned for another post with a how to guide. 

Now on to the flooring.  Currently we have carpet which may or may not stay.  I am not big on carpet in bedrooms but our house was already built and designed by the builder when we bought it this past summer so I had no say in flooring.  I am thinking that we will rip out the carpet this spring but either way I wanted a rug in the nursery to help add a touch of color to the flooring.  I have found a few options that I like but nothing that I love so far.  So let the searching begin.  Hopefully I will find one before the baby is born,  but the fun of decorating is sometimes the hunt for the perfect pieces.

Paint, check.  Furniture, check.  Bedding, check.  Lighting, check.  Now time to put it all together and find some amazing accessory pieces to finish off the space.  

Stay tuned to updates on our new additions room!!

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