Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Back!!!!

Well its been a while since I wrote  my post.  As you know about 2 years since my family and I moved to Virginia from sunny California.  Well in those 2 years my life has been full of new adventures, from driving cross country, to moving two times in 12 months, survived me husband's deployment and purchased our new home.  During the past 24 months I haven't had time to blog as much as I would have liked.  That's all about to change, no matter how busy my life gets I decided that I need to continue my blog.  

I have so many projects that I am currently doing and so many that I have done over the last few months that I would love to share. Over the next few weeks keep your eyes out for some new and exciting posts.

So with that said, I am happy to say I am back!!

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