Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tip Of The Week

As part of some of the changes to my blog this month, I wanted to start a weekly feature.  My weekly feature is going to be the Tip of the Week!

Every week I am going to share with you a great tip that I have found helpful.  If you have a great tip you would like me to share please forward it to me and I will be more than happy to share your tip and a link to your blog. 

Now to my first tip.  Every time you buy bedding or curtains they come in these great heavy duty plastic bags.  I always keep these bags to reuse late on.  I keep the bedding bags to store my winter bedding.  Every summer I pull our heavy blankets off the bed and I need something to store them in after I wash them.  These comforter bags are great for storing your washed blankets, it keeps them clean and dust free while being stored.

The bags also come in handy for our move.  I put all of our bedding back in it's original bag to keep the bedding clean during the move.

I also keep the bags for storing extra bedding.  I like to change our guest room bedding around frequently, which is why I generally buy neutral bedding and colorful accessories.  I can change the bedding but keep the colorful accessories and still get a new room.

The curtain bags are great for storing curtains that you aren't using.  I used ours for our move.  It was a great way of keeping the curtains clean and dust free while in the moving boxes.

Next time you are about to throw away these great heavy duty storage bags, STOP!!!  They may have a double duty use in your house.

I hope you will stop by next Wednesday for another Tip Of The Week!

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