Friday, September 17, 2010

New Ballard Designs Catalog

Did anyone else get their new Ballard Designs Catalog today?  My October 2010 catalog came today and I am in love.  As most of you know we are moving in a few days to Virginia which means I get a new house to decorate!!  I am so excited.  Plus I have an additional 1000 sq ft to decorate, as our new home is bigger than the home we are leaving in CA. 

I love going through different catalogs looking for inspiration.  I go through a magazine and circle things I like or rip out pages of rooms or looks that I really like.  I will take all the pages and put them in my idea binder.  I will have to show you guys that one day.  

While going through my October 2010 catalog I found a few things that I loved and thought that I would share them with you.  I especially love some of the new items from Suzanne Kasler, their new designer.  Here are the items or looks that I loved:

Page 7 ~ Green Bedroom

Page 13 ~ Sepia Botanical Canvases

Page 15 ~ Document Lamp Shade
Page 16 ~ Magnetic Boards

Dream Living Room

Another Dream Living Room

I have shared one of my favorite inspiration catalogs, whats yours?  Where do you draw your decorating inspiration from?


  1. My all time favorite is Ballards...just like you! I’ve never bought anything from them although I do have a Ballard chair (that I found at t thrift store). I can’t bear to throw away their catalog when I get them in the mail. Not sure what I think I’m going to do with them.....but I have them. ;o) I have an "idea binder as well" but I cant bring my myself to rip my swet Ballard catalogs...sad huh?

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  2. Well those pictures were nice to drool over! Wow!!! Thanks so much for you kinds comments on my blog! I'll be sure to link up on Sunday!

  3. Lots of beautiful stuff. How fun that you get to decorate a bigger place!...Christine

  4. Love Ballard Design. I enjoy getting my Pottery Barn catalog also.