Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3M Hook Tip


I really love the long necklaces that are in style.  But how you to store them?  And how do you to keep them from getting tangled up and ruined?  I use 3M hooks to solve my jewelry and belt problems. 

I love these little guys.  They are so easy to use and they don't leave a hole in the wall.  Plus you can move them around or reposition them.  

I was looking for a place to store my jewelry and belts in our current home.  I decided to this extra space on the side of our shoe shelve.  It was right next to all my other accessories and the full length mirror that I use every morning to get ready.  Plus it was long enough to accommodate my belts and long necklaces.  

When we lived in our condo I hung my necklaces on the inside of our linen closet door in the bathroom with 3M hooks.  It was a great place to hang all my jewelry while saving precious space.

Are you looking for a place and a way to hang up your belts and jewelry but don't have a lot of space or money?  Are you thinking of buying one of those expensive jewelry cabinets to keep your jewelry organized?  Use 3M hooks instead!  You can place them any where; from walls, back of cabinet doors and to the sides of furniture. Use them to hang jewelry and belts. 


  1. Clever idea! I love these hooks, too, but hadn't thought of using them for my necklaces. I could hang them at the end wall of my closet.

    Glad I found your blog! I can see I'm going to love it.

  2. Welcome Seedplater Designs. I am so glad that you found this tip to be useful. These little guys are one of my favorite things.

  3. I love this idea! They also have fairly inexpensive silver hooks at Ikea that I installed in our walk-in closet. I staggered them like you did, and the lovely long necklaces almost look like art!

    Thanks for sharing your idea!

    Greta @