Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Store Ribbon?

This week I wanted to share another ribbon storage idea that I use.  I don't know about you but I tend to keep pretty ribbons that come off of gifts, gift baskets, or even packaging.  I also tend to have ribbon left over from different spools of ribbon, instead of throwing out that last little bit I keep them to use on another project.  Ribbon tends to be an item that can be easily reused to create a great gift or can be used in a craft project.

But what to do with all the odd lengths of ribbon?  I use an old jar to keep all my ribbon remnants organized.  I used this old jar from some decorative rocks I purchased.  Its a great way to keep all the ribbon in one place so its easy to find the next time I need some ribbon.

Not only can the jar be used for extra pieces of ribbon but you can also stack spools of ribbon in jars.  I use jars in both ways.

Trying creating your own ribbon jar, not only does it save time looking for those extra pieces of ribbon but it also an inexpensive way to store all of your ribbon.

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