Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Needs a Wedding Planner?...Wedding Favors on a Budget Take 3

The next wedding favor was something that my mom put together for us.  She had mugs made for all of our guests, plus some extras for my husband and I to take home ( you can never have too many mugs). 

The mugs were made by an online company that makes mugs for businesses, look at these web-sites instead of wedding mug sites.  I find that they are much cheaper and you won't pay the increased price because they are for a wedding.

We used extra ribbon from our wedding invitations and a homemade label to top off the mugs.
  Now the fun part, whats inside of the mugs.  We used packing filler, a packet of mocha coffee mix, and a homemade dog cookie.

My husband and I are in love with our two cocker spaniels Maggie and Stewie, but unfortunately they couldn't come to our wedding.  Knowing that the dogs couldn't come my family wanted to incorporate the dogs into our wedding celebration some how.  My mom made homemade cookies and had cards attached.  Our family friend is an artist and made the tags for us along with a life size wood cut out of the dogs which we put on top of the table displaying the mugs.


  1. Those are WONDERFUL favors! They are so cute -- and who can't LOVE them! :) Great idea, Laura!

  2. Amanda ~ I'm so glad that you enjoyed the favors. I think they were the favorite part of my wedding, I have the best mom ever!