Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free Patio Furniture Part 1

Recently an investor purchased the foreclosed home across the street.  The other day I noticed that a crew was cleaning out some of the items left behind by the previous owner.  While they were cleaning out the garage I noticed some patio furniture.  The furniture looked like it had really good lines and in good shape from my front window but needed a little cleaning.  My husband and I had been talking about buying a table and chairs so we can sit outside and eat dinner.  Currently we have two sets of patio furniture with coffee tables but nothing high enough so we can eat outside without the dogs grabbing our dinner.

I went across the street and asked the workers if they were going to throw the set away, they said I needed to talk to the owner. So I wrote a note and placed it on the front door asking if they would give me the furniture.  My husband was shaking his head, because he didn't think that they were going to just give me furniture.

About three days later I got a call at 7:30 am asking if I wanted the furniture, of course!  So Chad and I went over and started dragging the furniture over.  I will admit there was some rust on the dirty cob web covered metal frames and the cushions has seen better days.  I liked the lines of the furniture and it was in really good condition and could be really nice with just a can of spray paint and some new cushions.  Plus they're free!  That's my favorite kind of furniture.

Here are the pictures of what the furniture looked like when we picked it up (I did however hose them down a bit to get rid of the dirt and grime prior to taking photos).  This weekend I hope to finish painting the furniture and will be able to show you my new set all for the price of spray paint!

The table is in really good condition minus a little rust on the edge.
Just a little rust but the glass top is in good shape.

I think the chairs used to be dark green with green and white pin striped cushions.
Very dirty and the cushions have rust stains.  I don't think we can save them.
Doesn't the chair have good lines?  It is in great shape just needs a new coat of paint.
Image them Heirloom White.
Please stay tuned for the finish make over!


  1. nice blog !
    this is fabulous and extensive collection of Sun umbrella cushions with some of the most colourful and unique fabrics..i love this patio furniture .

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  4. Laura, I have the same furniture that I'm attempting to restore. I came across your blog while searching for parts. Do you know the brand of the furniture? Mine needs everything plastic and is difficult to locate these items.