Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Guest Room

I am so excited the fabric I special ordered from JoAnns came today.  I am in the process of making an upholstered headboard, curtains, and pillows for my guest room.  

I was really tired of the guest bedroom as it currently looks.  I had taken what used to be in my master bedroom and just put in in the guest room.   The bedding I have in this picture is from Targets Field Crest line.  I bought it over 5 years ago, and I must say it has held up very well.  I still love the colors, but I'm tired of them.  The furniture is what used to be in the master minus the sleigh bed.  When we moved into our current house the movers broke my sleigh bed.  Which turned out to be a good thing, it meant I got to buy new furniture. 

I went to TJ Maxx and bought a new chocolate bed in a bag set from the Hotel Collection.  The bedding made the room really dark so I needed some new fabrics to lighten the room up.  I also needed to make black out curtains for this room because my husband works for the military and sleeps in this room during the day.  Since we have really high ceilings I have to make blackout curtains because our choices are really limited with store bought curtains.

Here are the fabrics I picked to go with our chocolate bedding. 

Waverly: Essence Mineral ~ Headboard

Robert Allen: Free Water Capri ~ Curtains

Richloom: Sowell Seaglass ~ Pillows

Don't let the colors on the computer fool you.  The match in real life and the colors look really different in person.  I loved the waverly pattern and started with that, then I found a stripe and paisley fabric to match.  I am always amazed how some of the designers on HGTV can take 3 or 4 fabrics all with different patterns and make them all work well together.  I guess I have been watching too much Divine Design or Sarah's House because I decided to try it myself.   I have always been very matchy, matchy this will be a first for me on many levels.

I can't wait to finish this room and share the final product.


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