Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chair Cover From a Pillow?

You can find fabric to cover the seat of a chair any where, not just at your favorite fabric store.

We live in Northern California and are lucky to have a Restoration Hardware Outlet within driving distance.  I like to plan a trip there a few times a year.  On my last trip I found these great Silver Sage and Tan pillows in their clearance section.  They were $5 each, WOW!!!  Unfortunately they only had two, and I needed at least 4 for my living room, what s a girl to do.  I bought them knowing I would find them a home, at some point.

Well I finally found a home for my 2 pillows, as chair seat covers.  I took a seam ripper to the seams which gave me four pieces of fabric which was just enough for my four chairs.  I will say that Restoration Hardware makes good quality pillows, it took forever to get the stitches out of the pillows.

I took the 4 fabric squares and attached them to the seat by using my staple gun, it took a matter of minutes per chair.  I love them, the fabric matches my dinning room perfectly and the fabric is very durable.  

Not bad for a $10 re-cover.

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