Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Before and After: It Doesn't Hurt to Ask for a Discount

I love a good discount or clearance sale, but sometimes there are discounts in a store that aren't advertised you just need to ask.

I have always hated my entry way cabinet, it has been around for over 10 years and has served many purposes.  It has been beaten up pretty bad over the last few moves, and has been painted many different colors over it's life.  The other down side to this table is there is not much space on the top, which would be nice.  I would like to create a space for us to drop our keys or mail when we walk threw the door.  It is time to retire the entry table and buy a new one, let the shopping begin.

While shopping at our local Ross store I found an entry way cabinet that I just fell in love with at first sight.  The price tag however was very high.  The price was $179, ouch!  I walked away.  While shopping the rest of the store I couldn't get the cabinet out of my mind, so I decided to take one more look.  While moving it around I noticed that the back has some issues as did the front corner.  The back had a hole in it about the size of a quarter and a tiny crack.  The front left corner had a little repair job (which most people wouldn't notice).

I had the employees bring the cabinet to the front, then got ready to talk to a manager about the damages.  Ross is very good about discounting items if it is imperfect, you just have to ask.  Sometimes you can get 20%-50% off, you just need to bring it up an ask.  The manager on duty that day said how about 30%, I said no because I need to fix the hole then I was offered 50% off, SOLD!!!  I got this amazing cabinet for under $100, Happy Birthday to me.

The great thing about the hole is it is on the back, you will never see because the cabinet will always be against the wall.  The hole is also behind the drawer so you won't see it threw the doors. I won't need to fix the hole or the tiny crack, only my husband, me and now you know about it.

While browsing my local Pier 1 the other day I found the matching cabinet and bench to my table, guess the price?  The Messena Bench was $349.95 and the Messena Cabinet was $450.  I couldn't believe it, what a steal of a deal.  I love my cabinet and I think the redo of my entry way looks great!

Here is the before of my entry way, boring.

Here is the new and improved entry way.
Love the new area for my husband to put his keys, no more lost keys.

I hope I have inspired you to ask for a discount, you never know what you might get, the worst they can say is no. Tell me about your good deal.


  1. Laura, wow what a deal, and what a difference it made. Love the iron scrolls, I totally love that look.

  2. Bella ~ Thanks for the comment. I love the scroll work as well. It was the first thing I noticed about this great piece. Have a great weekend!