Friday, August 13, 2010

Have You Been to Your Local Habitat for Humanity Restore?

I've been thinking about stopping by my local Restore for a few months but haven't made it over there.  There is one near my home in Roseville and a larger location in Sacramento.  

 The Restore has a lot of great items from left over construction items, light fixtures, doors, tile, cabinets, moldings, and even furniture.  You really need to take a look, I saw 8' molding there for $3 it would cost you over $8 at your local hardware store.  If you are willing to dig you can find a steal of deal, plus all the money goes to a great charity.  Run don't walk to your local store. 

I stopped by the Roseville store on Friday.  I picked up these great cabinet doors for a total of $2.  

Once the final pieces to my project come in the mail next week, I will share what I am doing with these doors.

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  1. very curious to see what you have in store for these!