Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clearance Home Decor Find

If you haven't shopped at your local JoAnn Store lately you should stop by or shop online.  They have a great seasonal home decor section.  Towards the end of every season they have their decor mark 60-70% off!  Crazy, I know!

While shopping the other day I came across this round metal wall art piece.  I loved the lines but not the color (the rust color just doesn't fit in with my decor), knowing I could change that I bought it at 70% off.  Remember anything can be painted from metal to plastic.  If you love the lines or look of a piece but not the color, it can be painted, so go ahead and pick it up.  For the price of $7, I had a new piece of art to finish off my living room.



Sorry for the color of the photo, its really hard to get a good picture with a camera phone (our camera wasn't charged).

Looks above my new dresser/storage cabinet. I painted it using Rustoleum Heirloom White (a favorite color) I may still add another color or Rub n' Buff silver leaf to add some dimension to this piece.  For right now this piece is done.


  1. Very nice!


    Getting into truffle

  2. Hi there!!I'm from Bridgeport Multi Family Homes i can't believe it with a cheap amount you come up with an adorable decoration.

  3. That is one beautiful piece of round metal wall art I know just where it would go in my house.